‘Divided Sedge Carex Divisa Cib Ghabhlach.’ K O’Leary. 2016 ©



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Hen Harrier Circus Cyaneus Crománnag Cearc Digital Print K O’Leary 2016 ©



‘Butterfly Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Clossiana Euphrosyne’, K O’Leary 2016 ©



‘Spindle | Euonymus Europaea II’, Open Book | Leabhar Oscailte. Digital Print. K O’Leary 2012 ©



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IMG_5618 geometric threads 4
‘Geometric threads’, Wire and Thread. Digital Print. K O’Leary 2012. ©



8. 'Crab Apple, Tree of Peace' Digital Print
Apple Blossom, Tree of Peace, Malus Sylvestris | Crab Apple II. Digital Print. 2012. ©



‘Black Mondo Grass | Ophiopogen Planiscapus II’, Open Book | Leabhar Oscailte. K O’Leary 2012 ©



IMG_5620 geometric wire
‘Geometric Wire’, Digital Print. K O’Leary 2012. ©



Wrapped in Nature by Kathy O' Leary 25x25cm
‘Wrapped in Nature’ Digital print. 2009. K O’Leary. ©